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Is a dental implant complicated to place?

The simple answer is "no" provided that sufficient bone is available to accept the implant The procedures can all be done in the dental office using only local anesthesia (i.e., freezing) such as Novocain commonly used in dental procedures.

The ENDOPORE implant is one of the shortest and easiest to place dental implants.  It is also one of the most secure as bone grows into a 3-dimensional honeycomb network on its surface to integrate it with the bone.

The ENDOPORE implant is usually placed in two steps:

In the first stage surgery the implant root component is inserted into the bone site.

An incision is made and the overlying gum tissue is gently displaced.  This exposes the bone at the site where the implant is to be placed.



Once a channel is prepared, the area is ready for the implant to be placed.  This part of the procedure takes about 5 minutes.




The implant is simply tapped into place.





The gum tissue is repositioned and closed with stitches






This surgery generally takes about 60 minutes to complete.  After 10 days the stitches are removed and the buried implant is allowed to heal for about three months.  During this time bone grows into the implant surface to secure it.


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