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Replaced my bridges with implants, best thing I have done for my teeth - painless too! Dr Tom is wonderful...four implants since.
Y. Ching, San Jose

I have been a patient at the Kaimuki Center for Dentistry for over 8 years. Recently, 2003, Dr. Tom put 2 implants in my upper right side to replace an old partial I was wearing.
I could hardly believe, how easy and pain free the whole procedure was!
After being home for a couple of hours. I at least expected some strong discomfort and pain, once Novocain was wearing of....but to my big surprise....nothing!!!
I was completely thrilled and satisfied with Dr. Tom's work, and now I am not even scared to have the next two implants on the left side put in..
to whole team....B. Miller, Hawaii Kai

I got two implants in 2003. I highly recommend Dr. Tom's services.
J. Sironen, Hawaii Kai

I have had over ten implants since 1992 and all are working perfectly - "no dentures for me"! .
R. Tom, Nuuanu, age 86

My implants are terrific, so is my sons. 4 implants since 1998.
S. Tanabe, Kaimuki

I was amaged at how simple & painless the procedure is to get such great results.
R. K. Miller, Hawaii Kai

I was told dentures were the solution for me. I am glad I saw Dr. Tom. One implant since 1998.
C. Chu. Kauai


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