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What choices are possible with the ENDOPORE System?

The ENDOPORE Implant System is extremely versatile and can provide patients with restorations such as the following:

  • One implant with a crown can replace a single missing tooth.
  • ENDOPORE implants and prosthetic components can be used to support a fixed bridge, to replace any number of missing teeth by either connecting to other implants or adjacent teeth.
  • A removable full denture in either the upper or lower jaw can be supported by both implants and gum tissue.
  • Jaws missing all of the teeth can be restored with complete fixed bridges removable only by your dentist

Who can have a dental implant?

There are very few medical reasons, why you may not be a candidate for having ENDOPORE implant treatment, and your dentist will discuss these with you, if necessary.  The major limiting factor in determining whether you can have an implant to replace your missing tooth, is whether there is sufficient bone remaining to accept the implant.  An estimate of the bone quality can be determined with special x-ray examinations.  Because the ENDOPORE implant is one of the shortest implants available, it can be used in sites, where some other implant designs cannot.

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